About Me

My name is James Hough.  I am a senior software developer from Johannesburg South Africa.  The software that we develop is based on Microsoft technologies and I have three Microsoft certifications (MCSE, MCDBA, MCSD).  But that’s what I have to do during the day.

Part time I study towards my BSc degree with specialisation in Computational Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).  The subjects covered are varied and all interesting.  I have branched-out from the pure hard sciences in my curriculum to the human sciences and I find Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics to be very interesting subjects.

My interests online include supporting the sceptical community and I love participating in debates (mostly on the South African Skeptics Forum) if it allows me an opportunity to learn more about a subject.  I am a big fan of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, the James Randi Educational Foundation, Bad Astronomy, Bad Science, Pharyngula, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, Point of Inquiry, and many, many more.

I am fascinated by cheetahs.  That is why I chose the cheetah (genus Acinonyx) as inspiration for the name and style of this blog, I also created the image shown here to the left which I use in online discussion fora and here on WordPress as a profile picture.  Just to have it on the record; I reserve the copyright to the images that you can see on this page you are looking at, from the header to the end.

I hope you will return often to see what’s new from the Acinonyx Scepticus.

James Hough

acinonyxscepticus {at} gmail {dot} com

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Nice website page, or blogsite, which ever it is. I am an old (just turned 60) college student aboutto receive my Bachelor’s degree in English w/ Writing Emphasis. I read your credits and am impressed. I also loved studying Philosophy and Linguistics.
    How do you do the black background with the white lettering. This is so cool.

  2. Thanks Kermit. To answer your question about the colour scheme, when you log into WordPress, go to your Dashboard and click on “Design” to see all the available themes. Click on the preview pictures and it will show you what your own blog looks like in that theme. There are currently 72 free themes to choose from so I’m sure you will find one that you like.

  3. It’s encouraging to know there are more sceptics out there! I have no time for religion and find it bizarre and its mind-control deeply disturbing. Do you know of any South African atheists societies etc, particularly in Cape Town? Good luck with the blog!

  4. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the interest in my blog. The atheist organisations in South Africa are not very well represented online, but one that I found recently was Atheist Nation. There is also a facebook group but there are hardly ever any events or real-world meetings.

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