Carnival #8: It’s back with a bang

The Carnival of the Africans has had its eighth edition published this week at Simon’s Amanuensis. It is a stellar edition.

It’s really tough to pick the highlights, each submission is really worth reading. But maybe start with these before you go and read the rest of them.

  • The Skeptic Blacksheep has been musing on the ways the world will end (don’t forget to party like its 2012 … nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it).
  • George Claasen reminds us that the public was taken by a charlatan. We should keep the right critical attention on Danie Krugel so that this long drawn-out saga will one day come to an end.
  • Bullshit Fatigue has written my new go-to article for explaining to people what Nutura and other homoeopathic remedy companies are actually claiming they can do. I hear about Rescue Remedy from family members and friends of friends surprisingly often and next time I’ll be nudging them in the direction of that article.
  • Two posts on the quantum-god-of-the-gaps? What a treat! Subtle Shift in Emphasis has a thoroughly excellent post which shuts down every avenue of quantum special pleading and Rupert over at Orion Spur reviews the book Quantum Gods which will definitely be the next book I buy – right after I do something about this backlog. 😛
  • And I agree with Simon, it really is worth mentioning Owen’s post; Is Science Religion? not only for the great post he wrote because of the interesting discussion it has spawned. Oh, and way to spoil the ending there Owen, couldn’t you wait until maybe the second paragraph before you gave us the answer? 😉

Arrgghh, if I don’t stop now I’ll rewrite the entire carnival on my blog! It’d be a better idea if you go and read the rest of the Carnival.

~ by James on 30 June 2009.

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