Sceptics in the Pub, February 2009

Yes, it happened on Monday night and I almost missed it. Phew, what a mission it was getting there but I was so glad that I did finally get there (after taking a terrible “short cut”, getting lost among the Gautrain construction detours and my car steering failing on me – sigh).

Unfortunately our hard-working organiser Angela was under the weather as was Heidi and they each sent apologies for not being able to make it. I hope you’re feeling better ladies, you were missed – in case you’re not yet on the path to recovery, try a homoeopathic flu cure of three drops per hour of pure distilled water containing absolutely no Gelsemium. No, but seriously, see a real doctor if you’re not well yet.

Owen has provided photographs of the event, Facebook users can see them here.

Attendance was down from the bumper attendance at last month’s Johannesburg Sceptics in the Pub meeting but I think that the 60-day average is still firmly in the positive! I didn’t expect such a huge turnout because Michael is something like six hundred k’s away and Ivan is some nine-and-a-half thousand k’s away!

The event is really starting to grow in popularity and I have become a go-to-guy of sorts since the website has chosen my first blog post about our first meeting as the link for anyone who wants to know more about meetings in Johannesburg. I think that we might look into getting a proper dedicated page for that which we can update with a full event calendar to make it easier for people to find us and join us in future. I know that there are some of you out there (I have your names!!) who are still tentatively considering joining us, please do so, and speak up if you find that the event locations are difficult to get to or the dates aren’t convenient.

There is also a rumbling in the underground about a “Skeptics in the Pub” Pub Quiz team. Interested? Let us know. I think that it’s only really viable with four or more members so if we can get that many together who’d like to, then we can start looking for a monthly quiz at a pub that is convenient for everyone.

And just a quick note in closing: I don’t know if I felt all that welcome at Ogilvy’s; there was a stuffed cheetah on display – I felt quite … endangered. 😉

UPDATE: 2011
For news of all future Sceptics in the Pub events in Johannesburg and Pretoria, please go to the Gauteng Skeptics Announcements page.

~ by James on 6 February 2009.

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  1. Count me in for the Pub Quiz team!

  2. Good to hear that it happened, and agree that we should try to promote it. I’ll be back in SA for the next one, and I’m always ready for Pub Quiz.

  3. I’m sorry to have missed it… I’ll most certainly come along again if I’m in Joburg at the right time. I’m jealous DBN doesn’t have enough skeptics!

    How about Or at least a Facebook group?

  4. I think we’ll consider flying you up once a month, you draw a big crowd 😉 Perhaps we should talk about appearance fees. 😛

    That idea is brilliant. I see that there are at least 10 people (including some familiar faces) on the waiting list for a Johannesburg meeting of Sceptics (check it out here). The big benefit of using MeetUp is that you can access and search the site without first creating a login account (I hate that you cannot get any data out of Facebook if you don’t already have an account).

  5. […] First of all, Monday night was the third Joburg Sceptics in the Pub. Fortunately James over at Acinonyx Scepticus posted an excellent write up of it here. […]

  6. For news of all future Sceptics in the Pub events in Johannesburg and Pretoria, please go to the Gauteng Skeptics Announcements page.

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