RMB is recruiting, critical thinkers need not apply

I was recently thinking about a Rand Merchant Bank advert that I saw when I went to the movies. As a concept it was a good idea; RMB was trying to let us know that they are not only interested in hiring the boring banking-type but all types of individuals are welcomed into the fold. How they achieved this message in the short spot was to show the lives of twin brothers (Justin and Jason, I think) as they grow up and live very different lives – one as the fun-loving, mischievous, party-animal all the way through to graduation and the other as the level-headed, responsible, popular, over-achiever (but also more interesting than the average idea of a banker).

The message is simple; both of these brothers would fit-in well at RMB even though they arrive by different routes, they have achieved the same minimum requirements and each have something to offer RMB. Overall, a great concept but it fails in one aspect of the execution.

I can imagine that some “creative-type”, some supporter of woo-woo in the advertising team thought that it would be a great idea to explain why these twins were so radically different in their attitudes to life. That’s right … within the first few seconds of the advert, they explained the reason for their different personalities was as a direct result of Justin being born at 5 minutes before midnight on 23 October and Jason being born at 5 minutes after midnight and in a different sign of the zodiac. Apparently you have to accept astrology to understand that people can have different personalities.

If this type of thinking is what Rand Merchant Bank is looking for from job applicants then apparently critical thinkers need not apply. And to add futher insult, the advertising team has created yet another example of non-critical thinking that will be absorbed by the public, fuelling the continued perpetuation of woo-woo.

~ by James on 24 December 2008.

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