Religulous release date revised

Thanks to wandapec at the South African Skeptics forum for reminding me about this …

religulous-smallPreviously I mentioned that Nu Metro slated the release of Religulous for 14 November. The revised date is 5 December and Ster Kinekor will also begin screening the film on Friday.

Also, both of the film distributers have posted the age restriction; Ster Kinekor has listed it as 18 LP for Language and Prejudice and Nu Metro has listed it as 18 LBP for Language, Prejudice and a category I have never seen on another film; “B”? Are they perhaps refering to Blashpemy? I have confirmed on the Film and Publication Board’s website that it is the case that “B” refers to Blasphemy. Why have we never seen this on other films before, such as the thousands which feature the phrase “Oh my god”? Does any other country in the world have such a rating?

Even the 18 rating should have us concerned. Only the USA and Australia also rated the film 18 or Mature (17) when Switzerland rated the film 10 and the UK rated the film 15.

From the international reviews, it even seems that non-fundamentalist religious viewers were not at all offended by the movie and laughed at all the jokes.  I don’t think any of them would have said that it was blasphemous if they were laughing.  I’m eager to see how it is received here.

~ by James on 1 December 2008.

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  1. Hi James

    The film’s classification is, indeed 18 BLP, and the B is for blasphemy. It’s not up to the film exhibitors to decide this, but the Film & Publications Board. Their system uses the following abbreviations:

    B – Blasphemy
    D – Drugs
    L – Language
    N – Nudity
    P – Prejudice
    S – Sex
    V – Violence

    Age restrictions 10 and 13 may be followed by an ‘M’ for Mature Accompaniment, or the age restriction may simply be ‘A’ for All Ages.

    ~Brian Tristam Williams
    Digital Initiatives Manager
    Nu Metro Entertainment

  2. It’s a sorry situation, but we’re unfortunately stuck in a country where god’s people are very much still in charge. South Africa has a long way to go before our religious arena can be termed moderate.

  3. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I suppose that Ster Kinekor isn’t displaying the rating correctly. I find it odd that there is a rating abbreviation for Drugs – I certainly haven’t seen a rating “D” on any film with scenes showing drug use, including the films Traffic, 51st State and Trainspotting. I hope that I’m not the only one confused by the inconsistency.

  4. Well I think it is going to get more viewers then expected. I just did a trends book with Dion Chang and wrote and marketing and advertising opportunities in Islamic and catholic faiths and quoted “religulous” as my chapter was called “faithmentalism” both words are a ‘portmanteau word’, that is, a word formed by blending two or more distinct words and combining their meanings. So If I only got 2 death threats I am sure the movie will not get more then a handful of placard carrying objectors! ;}

  5. Wow, only two death threats? Sounds like the public is a lot more open minded than
    the FPB.

  6. B for Blasphemy? That’s seriously, seriously fucked up.

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  8. I am greatly angered by the age restriction attached to Religulous – would “believers” have been happy with age restrictions forced on their poisonous movies throughout the ages?! I, for one, am offended by all the Christian drivel that has made it to the screens since film began, but I have never wanted it censored. Oh for the days of a secular society free of religion’s hypocritical, powerful and protected voice!

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