First Johannesburg Sceptics in the Pub

Johannesburg Sceptics in the Pub
Thanks to The Skeptic Detective, Monday night saw the first Sceptics in the Pub evening for Johannesburg Sceptics.  The initial turnout was … modest … but there are already plans to grow the Johannesburg community and raise interest. As a blogger, I found it invaluable to discuss ideas with like minded individuals to gauge if potential blog topics are likely to be received well. But far more importantly I got to know a bit more about my fellow sceptic, her interests and recent discoveries.

For those of you able to meet one week night per month and are interested in attending or proposing a new venue location, join us in the planning of these events and have your say (you can also leave comments here if you’d prefer). It is a social event by us and for us so let your voice be heard. If you aren’t able to make it to Johannesburg, gauge interest and see if you can start a Sceptics in the Pub in your area.


For those of you visiting this post looking for details of an upcoming Sceptics in the Pub meeting, you can join the South African Skeptics Facebook group, or you can keep an eye-out on the South African Skeptics Forum for new details. We may soon set-up a dedicated site for the meetings but until then, these two places are your best sources of information. If you would like to know more about meetings which have taken place since this first meeting, they are linked below in the comments.

~ by James on 11 November 2008.

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  1. James… you guys planning another one of these sometime soon? I’ll be in Joburg for about 2 weeks after new years..

  2. Oh wow, yes. The 15th has crept up on us so quickly. For now the December meeting is planned for the 15th at Tony’s in Randburg. We will discuss the next date then, venue is always open to suggestions. I’m sure we can have the next meeting in the first two weeks of January. I’ll raise this at the forum.

  3. Cool, thanks. But, crap… I’m in PTA from the 23rd of December but then I leave again by the 9th of Jan (just checked my dates again). Don’t move the meeting just for me…

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  7. I have super natural powers that existed through my entire life. Specifically I can control the RAIN!

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