Chemists torture Gummy Bears

I am still in the middle of writing my finals for the year so I haven’t had an opportunity to post anything in a while.  I popped onto the internet an hour ago to answer a question which had been bugging me since Thursday when I went to the monthly pub quiz.  The question asked us to name the most venomous (or poisonous – I can’t remember) insect.  My team answered “bee”.  The quizmaster only accepted scorpion … scorpion? … SCORPION?!?

No matter how much we protested that the scorpion is not an Insect but rather an Arachnid, the quizmaster would not be swayed.  I went online to see if the bee actually was the most venomous insect and I was lead to Anne Marie’s Chemistry Blog at where I learned that it was the harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex maricopa) which earned the title of most venomous insect.

But what I really wanted to tell you about is something else I found on Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstein’s blog … How to torture a Gummy Bear.


How to Torture a Gummy Bear Poor bear!

~ by James on 8 November 2008.

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