Danie thinks he’s the real deal

News on the sceptic (not-so-underground) network is that SSiE has received a letter of support for Danie Krugel from a former client (for want of a better word).  SSiE received this message as a direct result of starting the Stop Danie Krugel website.

I find it intriguing, mostly because we haven’t heard much from former “clients” except for Vareda and Willem Gouws who told the parents of missing Madeleine McCann “Don’t trust [Danie Krugel] … it didn’t work for us”.  Usually, Danie Krugel’s supporters are average people who have never met the man but choose to err on the side of trusting Mr. Krugel rather than err on the side of caution or scepticism.  I haven’t seen the eMail, but if it is an unprompted message of support then it certainly is unprecedented in the history of the Danie Krugel phenomenon.

Another interesting piece of news from this is that the former “client” sent a report on the Stop Danie Krugel website to Mr. Krugel himself and SSiE reported that today the website received three hits from Bloemfontein.  Co-incidentally, today saw the first two votes on the opinion poll which rated Danie Krugel’s claimed abilities as “absolutely legitimate”.  Unfortunately for the voter, it has had little effect when 91% still hold the opinion that his claims are fraudulent and a further 6% think that he is (at the very least) deluded.

I can’t claim for a certainty that Mr. Krugel personally submitted those votes, but one thing that he has proven in the past two years is that he is his own biggest fan.

~ by James on 15 October 2008.

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