All eyes on Danie Krugel and the impossible machine

There is a time when you feel a groundswell coming that you really want to be a part of. For me that time is now. Today saw the launch of a new website which has the latest Danie Krugel facts and news from a sceptical perspective. The website, named, intends to raise public awareness of several problems with the cases that he has been involved in and the uncritical way that his claims have been handled by the media.

The truly awesome task of realising this dream was brought-about by the hard work of one man from the Subtle Shift In Emphasis blog, Anacoluthon64 and the support and tinkering of the South African sceptical community. On that blog you will also find more excellent information about Danie Krugel, the man sarcastically dubbed as The Locator by the South African sceptical community.

If you are not aware of the media personality Danie Krugel, here is a brief description; Mr. Krugel is a former police officer from Bloemfontein, South Africa who has claimed that he invented a device which can locate items anywhere in the world using “compassionate quantum physics” (a branch of physics which no other scientist has heard of) and Global Positioning Satellites. He has previously stated that the device finds the source of anything, including a missing person if DNA is provided. It is with this claim that he became famous through the poor quality journalism of e-TV’s 3RD Degree, M-Net’s Carte Blanche and many newspapers across the country. Let me be clear here that the functioning of the device, as he has rather vaguely described it, is contrary to all known physics, quantum~ or otherwise. He is using technical words to sound intelligent and end inquiry from people who are too afraid to appear stupid by asking more questions.

In the near future I will be posting more entries about Danie Krugel, but until then I invite you to visit and enter into the discussion, ask questions and read the media articles about him. We need to all ask why he is still involved in missing persons cases and (alarmingly) claiming to provide cancer detection services without providing independently verified proof of the claims that he has made.

~ by James on 9 October 2008.

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  1. Thanks for all your help and support in getting the site up – this type of endorsement with links will boost the search rankings, and it is much appreciated.

  2. This post is not the end of my support, it is just the start. I have a feeling that Danie Krugel may be getting a collective smackdown from the sceptical blogging community for at least the next few months.

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