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Phew. That took a lot of effort. Not only did I find that there was no way to migrate my previous blog entries directly from, but in copying the content of the articles I encountered a number of formatting issues from the old blog. Unfortunately, I was unable to migrate the comments from my previous blog. You will find all of my previous blog entries in the category “Way-back machine (old blog)”.

By 23h00 on Friday I had all the blog entries moved over and today I spent most of the day drawing the profile picture that I am now using and personalising the this blog space. You’ll see the profile picture on comments that I post and you’ll also see it on the SA Skeptics’ forum in the near future.

So what does that mean for poor ArgumentumAdHominem? He’s relegated to history, a forgotten past. I will be replacing AAH’s icon on the SA Skeptics’ forum with an animated one which will show the transition from the old to the new. There will no longer be any posts from ArgumentumAdHominem, it was a handle I was using while keeping (partly) anonymous – of course with a little investigation you could find-out it was me, but the idea was that most people would not go to that effort.

This blog is called Acinonyx Scepticus (because I have a penchant for easily forgettable URLs 😉 ) and that is also the handle I will also use in fora, but both here and on fora I will be signing my real name – James.

The one task remaining is to add the “About” page which will detail who I am and what this blog is all about.

~ by James on 28 September 2008.

4 Responses to “All moved in”

  1. And I have just finished adding the About Me page, and that’s the profile picture I was talking about on the right :-).

  2. Hi James,

    Love the profile picture – very cool! I must admit I’ll miss AAH, though.

    All the best with your new blog 😉


  3. Thanks mdg,

    Added your blog to the blogroll, I didn’t know you had one until now, I’ll be dropping in often and commenting.

  4. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, as you can see it’s still very new and I’m slowly learning my way around *grin*!
    I’ve added yours to mine too and look forward to learning more about Artificial Intelligence. Ummm, does the extra terrestrial anal probe in George Bush’s butt qualify as Artificial Intelligence? 😉

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