The end of exam season is in sight

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Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Well the good news is that my last UNISA exam for this year is on Wednesday, unfortunately it’s the subject I hate the most, the most useless waste of study time: Computer Theory.  Anyway, I’d better get to studying it otherwise I’ll be moaning about it all next year again. 😦
The rest of the exams have been … okay.  I’m really interested in getting my results, particularly Philosophy which I felt very uneasy about when I left the exam.  I think I’ve done okay in Maths.  The Data Structures and Programming Concepts exams went well, how else could they have gone? I was repeating the stuff I do every day in my job.
My company is interested in seeing me passing more practical exams so I’ll be doing another Microsoft exam before year-end.  I recently realised the last time I wrote an MS exam was november 2002 before I joined my current employer.  At that time I tripple qualified as an MCSE (Windows 2000 Network Security), an MCDBA (SQL 2000) and an MCSD (VB6).  Wow, I don’t think I’ve deved in VB for the past 3 years.
Maybe I’ll squeeze-in another one or two exams in the new year before I get into the swing of things with the next set of University modules.  It seams that there is a large chunk of the year between February or March and November when I can’t do Microsoft exams, only UNISA study.  The courses are generally packed with enough work to keep me busy throughout the year making it difficult to get the MS exams in.  Although, in my case, the work isn’t spread-out but rather bunched around assignment due dates – *blush* – some day I’ll learn my lesson and study more regularly.
I spent a lot of time on the Microsoft Learning website recently and picked-out a selection of eight MS exams which will see me upgrading my old MCSD to an MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer .NET2 and gaining an MCTS: BizTalk 2006 and ugrading my MCDBA to MCITP: Database Developer/Administrator SQL2005.  I don’t think that I’ll be upgrading my MCSE as I rarely use those skills anymore and that is not my ideal job in any future role. All of these qualifications will come when a new batch of technologies will be released; .NET3 is out and VS2008 and .NET3.5 are happening before the end of this month and BizTalk 2006 R2 has been out for a few months already and SQL2008 is far into its Beta cycle and will be releaseed in Feb 2008.  Once again I’m too early to qualify in these technologies so it won’t be long before my shiny new qualifications are “old school”.

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