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Typically I don’t “attack” other people’s beliefs.  I leave well enough alone what doesn’t concern me.  However, when somebody attacks (unprovoked) something that I think is true and I can show that their attack is fallacious then I take the opportunity to argue my side.
In the past I did post replies to creationists’ claims about the theory of evolution being dead and burried (see BitsOfBrain).  Typically I see that as being fired-at first.  I don’t go hunting for excuses to put my view across, if I did so then I would spend my entire day blogging.  I personally have friends with religious beliefs, I do not plan to discuss religion with them ever, not because I am avoiding confrontation, but rather because I don’t want to impose my points on anyone who would take it as an attack.  The anti-evangelist you could say, or even the malfunctioning meme I guess (but the argument can be put forward thet my blog ensures the health of my memeplex – if only anyone would read it.  😉 ).
That did change today.
I posted a few thoughts on a “Why I am an Atheist” blog entry (see Sum 1 To N).  Nothing grand or epiphanetic (if there is such a word), just some simple points.  I don’t think I’ll expand on these – they’re really only the tip of the iceberg – because I can easily waste time thinking that it is important work or that what I say actually matters and can change the lives of others.  Such a conceted, self-centred opionion of myself makes me just as guilty as an evangelist of forcing myself on others.
Perhaps because I’m getting desperate for traffic (now that August has ended and the huge rush of visits for the “Two moons hoax” has come to an end) I decided to be a bit more active with the mostly anonymous enemy on the web.  It’s easy to argue against someone when you don’t know them, when they can easily be ignored or forgotten.

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