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I don’t know.
Three very powerful words … or four … no, three.  The first step to realising what you know is admitting what you don’t know.  It seems that more and more these days I am thinking about what I don’t know.  It is absolutely huge and certainly can take your ego down a few pegs.
I really don’t know what to make of people’s behaviour.  If I was that interested I would study psychology … maybe I will some day … but for now I am utterly confused.  It’s the hypocracy of our thinking.
[Hmmm, maybe take “Hypocracy” out because it sounds all pompous and really when you read it it doesn’t make much sense … a lot like a sentence which uses the word “it” twice in a row … perhaps just explain what you mean?]
There are so many conflicting standards people set (the hypocracy).  One that has been a thorn in my side for a while is the saying; “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.”  I would really love to adopt this philosophy but most people think that to be like that you have to act like a hippie or a beach bum.  (If you know me then you would know that I am anything but a hippie)  But the thing is; these types generally still take things like spirituality too seriously.  And if there is any one thing in this world which should not be taken seriously, it is spirituality.
[Okay, the hate mail should start rolling-in soon.]
What I mean is that while I am trying not to take life too seriously, trying not to sweat the small stuff, I get reminded so much of how it really is “big stuff” to someone else, how it permeats all aspects of our lives and leads to prejudice, preconceived notions and all the other bad stuff for open thought and communication.
I suppose that because I want to take life less seriously, you are thinking that I am expected to be more of a party animal.  But that again is a conflict for me.  Many party animals (many, not all) that go clubbing or pubbing are more likely to try drugs or drink excessively or sleep around because they don’t want to take life too seriously.  That to me is completely the wrong way ’round.  Those are the most serious things in life.  Alcohol kills more people each year and STDs are spreading incredibly quickly and let’s not start on drug adiction.
I can hear most of the readers calling me a number of things right now; all exactly the opposite of someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.
Are you starting to see my conflict?  How can I really be taking life less seriously when the things I am expected to take seriously are not important, and the things that I am concerned about I am expected to take less seriously?

~ by James on 9 January 2007.

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